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411 PAIN was established twenty years ago to help accident victims in Florida, and we still call Florida our home. Everyone who has lived and worked in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida knows about extreme weather. Hurricane season is here, and that means that Florida drivers need to be prepared for driving in extreme weather conditions. Tropical Storm Colin served as a warning for us all that we need to be prepared for whatever weather might come our way. While most of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Davie and South Florida was spared from any serious damage from Colin, that’s no reason for us to let our guard down. We can take advantage of the situation and use this time to get ready for the next storm. The main thing drivers in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida need to be ready for is flooding. Flooded roads cause many problems for unwary motorists. At a minimum, flooded roads can cause delays and detours. More seriously, vehicles often get stranded in the water, because drivers didn’t realize just how deep the water was. In some cases, cars are caught in a current and carried away, and sometimes drivers and passengers are drowned. It’s always a good idea to avoid going through any standing water, especially if you’re not sure how deep it is. That is why it is so important for cities and municipalities to make sure that road crews are out as soon as possible after a storm to assess damage to the roadways and provide proper warnings to motorists. Failure to do so may lead to serious accidents and injuries. Another danger posed by standing water is the fact that there could be sharp objects on the road, hidden in the water. Car tires have been punctured and slashed by driving over broken glass and sharp metal objects, which the driver could not see because they were obscured by the water. Another danger from flooded roads comes from water damage to vehicles. Many models of cars have electrical wiring that runs along the lower part of the car frame, where it can be damaged by high water. Brakes can also be damaged by submersion. Hurricanes and other extreme weather events can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to cars, as well as cause serious accidents. It is always best to try and stay off the roads during and immediately after a storm. If you or anyone you know has been injured in an auto accident in the aftermath of a storm, please call 1-800-411-PAIN today.

Fort Lauderdale Road Safety Tips 411 Pain

An auto accident can change your life in an instant. In a few seconds, you can go from being healthy and safe to being seriously injured and possibly disabled for life, all as a result of someone else’s negligence. Car accidents are a sad fact of life in Ft. Lauderdale. Wherever you go on Broward County, whether it’s in Ft. Lauderdale or Davie, you’re at risk for getting involved in a car accident and suffering an injury. For twenty years 411 PAIN has been helping accident victims and their families recover after serious auto accidents. There are many things you can do to lower your chances of being involved in a car accident. The most important thing is to always pay attention to what’s going on around you. Many accidents are caused by negligent drivers who try and text while driving, or who get preoccupied with conversation, talking on the phone, or reading a text message. This is known as distracted driving, and is one of the leading causes of car accidents today. Another thing you should keep in mind before getting behind the wheel is the condition of your vehicle. Many accidents are caused by problems with signaling devices. Always try and make sure your brake lights and turn signals are operating properly. But a turn signal is useless unless you bother to use it at the right time; many drivers fail to use signals and cause terrible accidents every day. Get into the habit of using your signals regularly every time you need to turn or change lanes, even if there’s no one around you. It’s a good habit to get into anyway, and besides, there are times when you could swear there’s no one around you but there actually is a car in your blind spot that you were totally unaware of; using your turn signals out of habit can prevent a disaster. Another often neglected safety device is your seat belt. Many states have laws requiring drivers to use seat belts, and for good reason: seat belts save lives. This has been demonstrated time and time again, in thousands of accident cases across the country. Take a few seconds every time you get into the car to buckle up, and make sure your passengers do so as well. It could save your life! If you or anyone you know has been involved in a car accident in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Davie, or anywhere in South Florida, please call 411 PAIN today. Accident victims need medical treatment as well as legal protection and counsel to ensure that their rights are protected. 411 PAIN has been helping accident victims for twenty years get their lives back after an accident. Call 1-800-411-PAIN today and see what we can do for you.

Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident 411 PAIN

Motorcycle accidents are a painful reality for drivers in the Fort Lauderdale area. Florida has a higher-than-average rate of motorcycle accidents compared to the rest of the nation. This can be attributed to the popularity of recreational motorcycling in the Sunshine State, where the weather is nearly perfect year-round for riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are some of the most dangerous vehicle accidents. Motorcycles can travel very fast but offer virtually no protection to the rider in case of an accident. This means that motorcycle accident victims can suffer extremely serious injuries, often far more damaging than those suffered by car accident victims. Motorcycle accident victims can suffer from neck, spine, and head injuries, brain damage, paralysis, and amputation of limbs. The protective gear that motorcyclists wear, such as helmets and pads, offer little protection against a serious accident. Many people think that they will be protected by Florida PIP laws in the event they are in an accident. This is not true. Florida Personal Injury Protection laws oblige insurance companies to pay a portion of an accident victim’s medical expenses regardless of who was at fault, but the laws contain loopholes excluding accidents that involve motorcycles. Many motorcycle accident victims were unaware of this until it was too late, and they were saddled with enormous medical bills and virtually no insurance compensation. Twenty years ago 411 PAIN was established for the express purpose of helping accident victims. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident in the Ft Lauderdale area, please call 1-800-411-PAIN today. Motorcycle accident victims require professional, experienced legal assistance to ensure that their rights as accident victims are protected. Motorcycle accidents are often among the most serious and catastrophic of all types of accidents, and motorcycle accident victims can suffer extremely grave and terrible injuries. They need all the help they can get when it comes to getting the medical treatment they require and the compensation they deserve. The laws may be stacked against motorcycle accident victims in some ways, but that doesn’t mean that these victims have no legal protections or rights. This is especially true if the other driver was at fault. Most accidents are caused by negligent drivers who fail to pay attention to what they are doing. A classic example might be the driver who is texting instead of paying attention to the road ahead, and who gets into an accident as a result. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, please call 1-800-411-PAIN today. Let us help you get the justice you deserve and the care you need.

411 PAIN – A Personal Injury Attorney Referral Service In Broward County Call 1-800-411-Pain

411 PAIN – A Personal Injury Attorney Referral Service In Broward County Call 1-800-411-Pain

A car crash can cause a sudden drastic change in your life. You may be suffering in pain and unable to do routine daily activities. It may be hard if not impossible for you to work. And you may be unable to get around if your vehicle was damaged.
Where you do turn next? Call 1-800-411-Pain.

411-PAIN (1-800-411-PAIN) was started in 1995 to assist victims of automobile accidents. It has since expanded nationwide to help more people get their lives back on course after a crash.

At 1-800-411-PAIN we put you in touch with experienced legal professionals who will explain the legal issues involved, defend your rights, and fight on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve based on the facts of your case. We also help you get the medical attention you need through our network of professional providers. 411-PAIN is proud to serve all of Broward County. We call it home.

If you or someone you know in Pembroke Pines, Hollywood or Pompano Beach has been injured in an wreck caused by someone else’s negligence and the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, 411 PAIN’s will connect you to a lawyer who will negotiate for you or represent you in court. You may be entitled to monetary reimbursement for such things as rehabilitation, hospitalization, medical bills,  extended care, physical therapy and other specialized treatments including chiropractic. You may also seek reimbursement for lost wages or the inability to work, estimated future losses, damage to your vehicle, as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident in Davie, Deerfield Beach or Sunrise, call us directly at

1-800-411-PAIN or contact us now for a call back.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Vehicle Rollover

411 Pain Helps Rollover Accident Victims in Pompano Beach

Design Defects
There  have been a number of scientific studies that have shown that some SUVs have major design flaws, making them liable to roll over in high winds or collisions. The main reason is a design defect which gives the SUV a high center of gravity. This can cause the SUV to tip over in high winds or while going around a corner or merely turning while driving at low speeds. Many victims took legal action, which led to major recalls. If you or someone you know have been the victim of poor vehicle design, 411 Pain is here to help you receive just compensation by referring lawyers to your case.

Collisions In Margate
Some rollovers are caused by a crash, especially from the side. Many vehicles, especially Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), are poorly designed and have a high center of gravity which cause them to be tipped over easily onto their side or even upside down. Such impacts are not only extremely dangerous, but can significantly increase the chances of suffering serious injuries. If you have been in such an accident, call 1-800-411-PAIN and let us refer you to a lawyer who will examine your case and advise you on your legal right to receive compensation.

411 Pain has assisted many accident victims in Deerfield Beach, Pembroke Pines, and Coral Springs recieve proper compensation from car crashes including rollovers. Don’t let the auto companies get away with making vehicles that are dangerous and unsafe. Don’t settle for having to live with injuries, pain, lost income, or damaged property. Call 1-800-422-PAIN and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Car Collision

Deadly Car Crashes In Hollywood FL

When a car or any big truck are involved in an accident or collision, the results can be catastrophic for the passengers of the car. The massive weight, which can include cargo, and bulk protect the trucker, but can be devastating for anyone in the car. In Broward County alone in 2010 there were 774 accidents involving trucks. Speeding, improperly loaded cargo and faulty equipment  are some of the causes of such crashes.

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Accidents involving trucks can be complicated because the trucking industry is regulated by state and federal law. A trucking corporation may have their own lawyers and adjusters who work on behalf of the trucking company to minimize or eliminate your claim. 411 PAIN’s access to a team of legal experts in Pomopano Beach have detailed knowledge of the complex regulations that govern the trucking industry. 411-PAIN will refer you to a lawyer who will assess your claim, assert your legal rights and maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

If you or anyone you know has been in a truck accident in Oakland Park or Mirimar, call 1-800-411-PAIN right away and let us help you find out the best way to proceed.

411 PAIN Fort Lauderdale Florida BICYCLE ACCIDENTS


Some of the most dangerous accidents involve bicycles and cars. The great difference in size, mass, and speed between the two types of vehicles can make an impact extremely dangerous and occasionally deadly. Even wearing a safety helmet when riding a bicycle will not protect you from debilitating injuries. Sadly, young children are often the most vulnerable victims.


All too many drivers fail to pay attention and do not notice bicyclists. This can occur when the driver is operating a vehicle and trying to read or write a text message, talk on the phone, or in any number of  situations. A few seconds of distraction can lead to an accident, with terrible consequences for the innocent bicyclist. 411 PAIN’s priority is to provide you with the best legal counsel and ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your loss.


For many years, the 411-PAIN network has successfully assisted thousands of victims in defending their rights and recover compensation. Lost wages due to injury, pain and suffering, and the price of rehabilitation services are among the many things that need to be examined when presenting your case. No matter what type of injury you sustained, our professional legal staff have the experience and ability to present your case and bring it to a successful resolution.

It is crucial to have experienced and professional legal representation during this critical period. At 1-800-411-PAIN Fort Lauderdale FL, we are here for you.

If you or someone you know has been in a bicycle accident in West Palm Beach, it is vital to obtain professional legal counsel as quickly as possible. The court requires specific documentation when considering your case, especially medical and rehabilitation expenses. 411 PAIN will guide you through this complex process, enabling you to receive maximum compensation through negotiation and settlement. Don’t take chances; call 411-PAIN and speak to a qualified professional attorney who will defend your rights.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Truck Collision

411 Pain – Truck Accidents In Ft. Lauderdale Florida

If a regular-sized car gets hit by a truck or other large-bodied vehicle, the results can be deadly for the occupants of the car. The sheer size of the truck, as well as the weight of any freight it may be hauling, can completely crush a normal vehicle, often with deadly consequences for the occupants. In 2010, the state of Florida reported 3026 accidents between cars and trucks. What causes such terrible accidents? Besides the usual causes of auto accidents, such as distracted driving, speeding, or ignoring traffic signals, trucks have additional factors which increase their likelihood of getting into an accident, such as improperly loaded cargo, poorly maintained equipment, and the pressure to make delivers on schedule.</>

Let 411 PAIN help You In Broward County

The trucking industry is regulated by state and federal law, which can make the process of seeking restitution more complex. Most trucking companies have teams of lawyers working on their behalf to specifically challenge claims and get them reduced or even dismissed. The lawyers who are part of the 411 PAIN network at Pompano Beach have a thorough knowledge of the complexities of the laws which regulate the trucking industry. They have the expertise to assess your claim properly and formulate a winning strategy to maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

If you or anyone you know has been in a truck accident in Hollywood or Deerfield Beach, call 1-800-411-PAIN right away to get referred to a lawyer who can guide you through the legal process and help you get the compensation and restitution you deserve.

Wet Roads Car Crash Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

Driving can be hazardous at any time, but especially during or after the rain. In South Florida, where rainstorms can be fast and furious, wet road conditions are responsible for a large percentage of traffic accidents. In Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, auto accident injuries caused by driving in the rain or following the rain are a serious problem. There are several things you can do to protect yourself and minimize your chances of being caught in a car accident. The first and most obvious choice would be to avoid driving in the rain or for several hours after a storm. Unfortunately this is not always possible. For those who have to drive on wet roads, always remember to watch your speed. It can take twice the distance to come to a stop on a wet road than on a dry road. In fact, many of the auto accidents that occur following a storm are caused by drivers who fail to give enough space between themselves and the car ahead of them. when the lead car stops, the following car cannot brake quickly enough and this causes an accident. Always make sure that your windshield wipers are in good working condition. This is especially a problem in Florida, where the intense sun can cause the rubber on the wiper blades to rot and deteriorate. This makes the wipers useless, as they leave long greasy streaks along the window instead of pushing the water out of the way. You should always make sure your brakes are working, whether the roads are wet or not. If you sense any “give” in your brakes when you push the pedal down, you should have the car examined by a mechanic immediately. Also, make sure your signals are working, especially your rear signals for turning and braking. Failure to have working lights is against the law, and if you get into an auto accident that fact can be used against you. If you are caught in an accident, whether in the rain or after the storm, make sure you call 1-800-411-PAIN as soon as possible. 411 PAIN was established twenty years ago for the purpose of helping accident victims get their lives back following an accident. Auto accident victims can suffer from many serious injuries that can change their lives and leave them with massive medical bill debt. Many accident victims do not understand the law, or their rights to compensation, and as a result settle for less than they deserve or need. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones be victimized by the insurance companies. Get the full compensation you are entitled to, and don’t lose sleep over mounting medical bills and unpayable debts. If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident, call 1-800-411-PAIN today and see what we can do for you.

Fort Lauderdale Sideswipe Accident Attorney

Sideswipe accidents are a common cause of auto accident injury. In 2010, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles documented nearly 10,000 auto accident injuries caused by sideswipe accidents, and nearly 100 people were killed as a result of these accidents. Sideswipe accidents occur often in Ft. Lauderdale, especially on US 1, I-95, and Las Olas. Sideswipe accidents are a serious problem for all drivers. A sideswipe accident typically occurs when a vehicle is switching lanes. The driver who causes the accident does not look to see if there is a car in the next lane, or does not use a turn signal to indicate an immanent lane change. In many cases, alcohol plays a role in the accident as well. It is not uncommon for the driver who caused the accident to try and blame the victim. In such a case, it is vital that the victim get legal assistance as soon as possible. 411 PAIN has been helping drivers and victims of auto accidents for twenty years. Auto accident victims often require specialized medical care, rehab therapy, and experienced legal counsel. Insurance companies do not always give accident victims the compensation they need and deserve, especially if they require expensive therapy and rehabilitation services. It’s not right that the victims of negligent drivers should have to pay the burden for their own medical treatment. It’s a terrible injustice that the victim and their family should have to suffer the anguish of trying to pay medical bills, suffer privations from lost wages and perhaps even losing a job, all because of another driver’s negligence and the tricks of insurance companies that put their bottom line ahead of the needs of accident victims. What auto accident victims need is an advocate who will help them stand up for their rights and get them the treatment and compensation they deserve. That’s why 411 PAIN was created, and over the past twenty years 411 PAIN has helped thousands of auto accident victims get their lives back after an auto accident. If you or someone you know has been involved in a sideswipe accident, a motorcycle accident, a truck accident, or any type of motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries, please call 1-800-411-PAIN today and see what we can do for you. You don’t have to go through this alone. Help is just a phone call away. Call 1-800-411-PAIN and start getting your life back now.